Our company has many objects of activity, among which: the collecting, sorting and pre-recycling of worn textiles.

    The company’s main object of activity consists of purchasing the worn clothing and shoes, and of other textiles of domestic use (second hand), that were collected by the Partner associations, in the campaigns of collecting began in many cities in the country. The condition of the purchase of worn textiles is assured by making available for the Partner associations special containers, as well as the organization of all the logistics services: collecting, transport, sorting and delivery.

    In the present, the population has access to a number of 800 containers placed in 16 counties in the country, on the public areas of the cities and in the commercial areas.

    The purchase of the worn textile products from different trading companies, with second-hand profile, is the secondary object of activity of the company, these representing another source of the process of pre-recycling performed by our company.

    All the textile products are exploited. The textile products that present a high degree of wearing, and which makes it impossible to be used for donations, by the social projects performed by our Partner associations, are entering in the process of pre-recycling, which presupposes the selection, the primary sorting and the processing of the clothing and of the shoes depending on the texture of the material, season and colour. After the end of the process of pre-recycling, the textiles are pressed in rolls which are sent to the eastern countries, where the final recycling process of the worn textiles takes place.

    The finality of this wide process, consists of the training and transforming of the worn textiles in basic products and their utilization in industry as raw materials, thus “the end of life” of all cloths represents a rebirth of them, by reutilization of the thread in the industry of textiles.