Through the project “Delivering as One”, our partner Organizations and Associations contribute to the development of the social dimension through various charitable projects.

Our partner Organizations and Associations start the collecting campaign from the population by placing specially designed containers that are given into custody by our society.

Collected clothing and shoes that can be reused, is capitalized in the form of donations, aiming th strengthening of the civic spirit of community and to establish traditions collection of this kind, a method successfully applied in the countries of western and central Europe: Germany, Italy England, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, but also on other continents: North America, Australia. Social dimension – consists of material donations and providing basic social services for vulnerable persons and exposed to the risk of social exclusion such as families with children, elderly in need, people with disabilities.

Learn how you can help, change, or even save lives by recycling!

Donate unwanted clothes, shoes, household textiles and toys in specially designed containers!

I. CENTRUL CRESTIN DE REINTEGRARE SOCIALA ONISIM collects in Bistrita Nasaud county in the following cities: Bistrita, Nasaud and Beclean.
II. ARHIEPISCOPIA ARADULUI:collects in Arad County, in the cities of Arad and Lipova.
II. Caritas Romania Organizations:
  1. Greek Catholic Archdiocesan Caritas Oradea  collects in:
    • Bihor County in the following localities: Érmihályfalva, Secueni, Marghita Diosig
    • Salaj County in town Zalau.
  1. Caritas Eparhial Greco-Catolic Cluj collects in Cluj County in the following cities: Cluj-Napoca, Gherla, Apahida, Floresti, Turda and near Emerson, Bosch, Metro.
  2. Caritas Greek Catholic Metropolitan Blaj collects in:
    • Alba County in the following localities: Alba Iulia, Ocna Mures, Teius, Aiud, Blaj.
    • Mures County in the following localities: Targu Mures, Ungheni Cristesti, Iernut, Ludus, Sighisoara, Tarnaveni.
    • Sibiu County in the following cities: Sibiu, Cristian, Selimbar, Avrig, Orlat, Agnita.
    • Brasov County in the following cities: Brasov, Sacele, Ghimbav, Codlea, Fagaras, Victoria, Zarnesti, Rasnov.
  3. Alba Iulia Caritas collects in:
    • Harghita County in the following places: Praid, Gheorgheni, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Cristuru Secuiesc, Corund, Balan, Miercurea Ciuc.
    • Covasna County: Covasna, Targu Secuiesc, Sfantu George.
    • Mures County in the following cities: Sovata
    • Hunedoara County in the following cities: Brad, Calan, Deva, Hateg, Hunedoara, Orastie, Simeria
  4. Federatia Caritas a Diecezei Timisoara collects in:
    • Timis County : Timisoara, Deta, Sannicolau Mare, Lugoj, Buzias, Giarmata, Recas, Faget, Fardea, Cenad, Margina, Dumbravita.
    • Caras-Severin County: Bocsa, Anina, Resita, Oravita, Otelu Rosu.
IV. Association Sfantul Tadeu Iuda collects in Maramures county in the following cities: Sighetu Marmatiei, Brasana, Borsa, Rona de Sus, Salistea de Sus, Viseu de Sus, Viseu de Jos.
V. Transal Urbis collects in Caras-Severin county, in the following city: Caransebes.
VI. ASOCIATIA FILANTROPIA ORADEA: collects in Bihor County: in Oradea, Alesd, Osorhei.
VII. Crucea Rosie Romana, Filiala Arad, collects in Arad County, in the city Pecica.
VIII. SNCRR S6 (National Red Cross Society Romania, Sector 6 Bucharest) in partnership with AUCHAN ROMANIA collects at all points Auchan.
IX. The Cluj Napoca Philanthropy Association collects in Cluj Napoca Municipality, Baciu, Dej, Campia Turzii, Huedin, Gilau, Floresti, Chinteni.
X. ASOCIATIA FILANTROPIA TARGU MURES collects in Mures County: Targu Mures, Livezeni, Remetea, Mureseni Sat, Cristesti, Ungheni, Sancraiu de Mures, Sangeorgiu de Mures, Santana de Mures, Nazna
XI. ASOCIATIA FILANTROPIA REGHIN collects in Mures County in Reghin.
XIV. ASOCIATIA FILANTROPIA ORTODOXA SIBIU collects in Medias, Copsa Mica and Dumbraveni.
XV. ALBA IULIA ORTHODOX PHILANTHROPY ASSOCIATION collects in Jud. Alba, City of Sebes and Loc. Petresti
XVI. FEDERATIA PHILANTHROPIA in partnership with PROFI ROM FOOD S.R.L. collect at all PROFI points/stores in the country.
XVII. Maramurese Philanthropy Association collects in Jud. Satu Mare, in the Municipality of Satu Mare and Orasul Carei, in the County Maramures in the municipality of Baia Mare and in the locality of Sasar.
XVIII. Ioan Popasu Association collects in jud. Caras-Severin in Caransebes, Resita si Bocsa.